ELEKS University provides ongoing self-growth opportunities not only for employees but students and IT-enthusiasts as well


Future as well as existing IT specialists are welcome to join ELEKS Engineering Camps aimed at intensive studies of technologies and developing teamwork.

.Net Camp
When: Q2, 2018
Where: Lviv, UA
We welcome people that a eager to learn, hungry for knowledge, motivated enough to complete our challenging tasks! You are expected to have basic knowledge of C# programming language and .NET framework, as well as understanding of data structures, algorithms and positive attitude :) Today is the best time to learn .NET! Join us and have a change to become a part of ELEKS!
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Program includes:

  • OOP & OOD fundamentals using the latest and greatest C# 7.2
  • OOP & OOD patterns & practices gathered through the ages
  • Overview of other development paradigms like reactive and functional
  • Web service development using ASP.NET Core
  • Web security techniques based on OWASP Top 10 list
  • Overview of SOA architecture using REST/RPC and microservice approach
  • Application deployment from basics to real-world production CI/CD
QA Camp
When: Q2, 2018
Where: Ivano-Frankivsk, UA, Lviv, UA, Ternopil, UA
We invite talented technology students and young professionals with good knowledge of English to join ELEKS’ educational program for future QA engineers.
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Program includes:

  • Free training with maximum focus on practice
  • 6 weeks of intensive studies, evening classes 3 times a week
  • The company’s top experts as trainers
  • Internship and employment program for the best graduates
iOS Сamp
When: Q2, 2018
Where: Lviv, UA
Free program for final-year students of Technological Faculties and young professionals.   We invite applicants with basic knowledge of general OOP principles at least one object oriented language, basic understanding multitasking and multithreading and GOF patterns, general knowledge of mobile development paradigms (Android, Win phone, cross platform), Int+ level of English, high responsibility, motivation and desire to learn. OSx based workstation or laptop is required.
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Program includes:

  • Introduction into iOS, Xcode and Swift,
  • Introduction into iOS Application architecture (MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER),
  • Building blocks – CALayer, UIView,
  • Basic Storyboard,
  • System frameworks,
  • iOS application distribution and publication to AppStore and many more.
DevOps Camp
When: Q2, 2018
Where: Ivano-Frankivsk, UA, Lviv, UA
We invite applicants with basic knowledge of Windows and Linux administration, virtualization, Powershell and Bash scripting, SDLC, Intermediate level of English.
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Program includes:

  • Source Control Management (Git)
  • Continuous integration and configuration management
  • Clouds
  • OpenStack Private Cloud
  • Doker Containers & more.
Frontend Camp
When: Q2, 2018
Where: Ivano-Frankivsk, UA, Lviv, UA
ELEKS launches a new free practical Front End Camp for final-year technology students and young professionals. During three months of intensive studies, you will master all the necessary skills required to start your career as a Front-End Web Developer as well as an opportunity to join the ELEKS team.
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Program includes:

  • During practice-focused course, Front End Camp students will learn how to apply the newly acquired skills to practical tasks within real-life IT projects.
  • Evening classes that allow to combine the Camp course with university studies or work.
  • ELEKS’ leading experts as trainers.
  • Internship and employment opportunities for the best graduates.
  • Free educational program.
Java Camp
When: Q2, 2018
Where: Lviv, UA, Ternopil, UA
We invite applicants with basic knowledge of theory of object-oriented programming and knowledge in theory of probability and data structures, Int+ level of English, high responsibility, motivation and desire to learn. JAVA Camp attendees will have a chance to get a position in one of the most successful IT companies Eleks.
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Program includes:

  • Fundamental programming concepts,
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) using Java, asynchronous programming,
  • Work with external resources and networking,
  • Basics of Web development and many more.

ELEKS University’s Key Areas

Online library
Online library offers up to 2,500 books and hundreds of videos for professional growth and self-development.
Trainers’ community
To ensure knowledge and experience sharing, we involve our learning experts and subject matter experts in order to work closely on building a knowledge base and the educators’ community.
Corporate Leadership Program
The course’s intense programme is based on real-life projects and covers strategic management, operational management, leadership and people management.
Mentorship program
The Mentorship program is intended to help mentors acquire new skills and mentoring.
Business education
Our employees gain business degrees in leading universities in Ukraine and abroad.
We offer a full cycle pre-training, post-training assessment, and Soft Skills assessment, evaluating training needs and defining the most suitable learning path. We incorporate world-leading assessments and HR analytics tools to help employees develop and make grounded decisions on learning and development.
& Training
Including Technical & Management Competencies, Soft Skills, Leadership Course, Educational Games, Customer Communication Course delivered company-wide or tailored to meet project needs.


Language proficiency is a must-have skill for effective communication and business development. ELEKS Language School offers General and Business courses, Listening and Speaking courses, Speaking Clubs, and extra activities to make learning both effective and entertaining.

Cooperation with Institutions

Cooperation with Institutions

We care about IT Education in Ukraine and do our best to advise our education partners on program content and share our practical experience as well as inform students about IT career opportunities. We closely cooperate with Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Polytechnic University, the Ivan Franko National University, Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, and Lviv Academic Gymnasium


ELEKS University offers professional facilitation services for Management, Project Teams, and Offices. The list of methodologies includes ToP, Strategic Planning, World Café, Circle Methodology, LEGO Serious Play, Project Retrospective facilitation.

In 2016, ELEKS University has received the HR IT Best Practice Award that demonstrates the high level of educational processes within the organization.

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