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As a company and community of like-minded people, we see big value in working together for the good of Ukraine. Both during peaceful times and through difficult periods of war, which we all, as Ukrainians, currently face.

From the very beginning of the russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine (and even back in 2014), we committed to doing all we can to contribute to the victory. Every choice we make as a company and as citizens is aimed at securing a bright and happy future for Ukraine and its people.
ELEKS proudly supports Ukraine’s Armed Forces

Founded in Ukraine in 1991, ELEKS – now a global enterprise – has proudly contributed to the growth and prosperity of this great country for more than 30 years. We have expanded beyond Ukraine’s borders with 18 development centres and offices in 13 counties and three continents. But, more than ever, we stand in solidarity with our nation.

Throughout the period of Russian attack, ELEKS has provided material, financial and expert support to Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

We have cooperated with the army and partner funds to give our country the means to fight back against our aggressors. And we will continue to stand with Ukraine until its future will be secured.

ELEKS’ help in figures:
ELEKS efforts for Army needs were marked by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

ELEKS’ contribution to Ukraine’s defence has been marked by the multiple awards from the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, presented to us by Colonel Oleksandr Pravdyvets – head of expert group Directorate of Digitalisation, Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Cybersecurity in the Defense Sector of the Ministry of Defense.

This award is a symbol for us of what’s possible if organisations are galvanised to bolster Ukraine’s incredible military, and we will continue to strengthen our financial and technical support of our home country as far as we can.

ministry of defense of ukraine

ELEKS’ IT specialists have provided expert consultation, services and equipment that have strengthened our country’s defence. This kind of partnership is priceless for Ukraine’s military department

Oleksandr Pravdyvets
Colonel Oleksandr Pravdyvets
ELEKS and the Come Back Alive Foundation

Two years ago, we began working with the Come Back Alive Foundation. And, since the Russian invasion began, we’ve targeted resources at up-scaling its development. We believe that these efforts, along with our continued support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, will help to secure our nation’s victory and a bright future for its people.

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The ELEKS team is our long-term partner and a great example of what an organisation can do to support Ukraine’s Armed Forces. We started working together long before the full-scale invasion began, facilitating air defence modernisation projects and purchasing and implementing mobile surveillance solutions for the army and trained military personnel.

As it stands, ELEKS is donating 114 000 UAH a day to the fund. That’s simply incredible!

Oleg Karpenko
Oleg Karpenko,
Director of Development & Partnerships, Come Back Alive Foundation
ELEKS joins forces with Estonian NGO, Heroiam Slava to purchase drones for the Ukrainian Army

When Estonian NGO, Heroiam Slava, initiated a purchase of two high-quality Threod EOS C VTOL surveillance drones for the Special Operations Forces, ELEKS donated €252,000 EUR, covering the biggest part of this fundraising. The balance of €133,000 EUR was raised by Estonia’s incredible citizens and businesses.

Jaak Ennuste, Co-founder of Heroiam Slava and IT entrepreneur, explains, “Ukraine needs eyes in the sky to expel its occupiers. Threod is one of the world’s leading surveillance drones, and it has already proven itself on the battlefield for 7 – 8 years”.

heroiam slava

The sincerest thank you to the whole ELEKS team and the people and businesses of Estonia, who’ve supported the purchase of Estonian Threod surveillance drones for the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces. We named our ‘birds’, which have the power to disclose our enemies’ coordinates, Elvy and Ay Petri. Elvy in honour of Elvy Kalep, the first Estonian female pilot, and Ay Petri, a significant landmark in Crimea. We know they will return home soon!

Jaanika Merilo,
Head of ELEKS Tallinn Office and Co-founder of the NGO Heroiam Slava
ELEKS for Ukraine.
Volunteering by streams
Since the start of full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, ELEKSers created a powerful volunteer movement. The company has formed 4 areas of volunteer activity:
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