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ELEKS’ Business Analysis Office is one of the biggest offices in the Ukrainian software development industry

What We Do

About Business Analysis Office

key opportunities

Work with top companies, including Fortune 500 enterprises
Be a part of challenging and technologically-advanced projects where the BA is at the forefront
Work with customers on-site and all over the world, mainly in North America and Western Europe
Take professional development courses for BAs, both internal and external
Participate in knowledge-sharing meetups and sessions organised by BAO
Work in advanced cross-functional teams on a variety of interesting and challenging tasks.

ELEKS BA helps customers identify their business opportunities and potential challenges

The role of BA at ELEKS is to provide rational solutions and support their successful implementation. Our BAs have an extensive technological background and considerable expertise in various sectors and industries, such as finance, agriculture, retail and logistics.
Industry-specific knowledge is complemented by a proactive attitude, extensive soft skills and a product-oriented mindset that helps to better understand customer needs and help them bring innovative ideas to life.
BAs might have different backgrounds when it comes to their expertise, but they all know how to add business value to the world of software technologies.
ELEKS BA helps customers identify their business opportunities and potential challenges
Professional & Personal Development

Professional & Personal Development

  • Mentorship
  • Expert talks
  • Knowledge-sharing roundtables
  • Workshops to improve analytical skills
  • BA-related training programs
  • Specialised courses in specific domains including finance, retail, logistics and other
  • Specialised courses in specific methodologies and disciplines such as product management, design thinking, lean methodology etc.

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