Quality Assurance Office

The Quality Assurance Office is one of the largest competence offices at ELEKS

who we are

More than 250 test engineers utilise our technologically advanced approaches to testing, innovative methods and QA tools. We make sure our development teams create better and cleaner software that brings business value to our customers.

What We Do

We convert our customers’ creative ideas into secure and reliable business solutions. Our QA experts work with clients from finance, insurance, logistics, security, media and retail industries to make their business solutions safe and secure. We evaluate application and infrastructure performance, optimise delivery through test automation and help our customers to establish robust quality management processes.


  • QA consulting and quality management
  • Performance testing
  • Test automation
  • Security testing
What We Do

Key opportunities

  • Stable growth from a junior QA engineer to test lead or test expert
  • Professional guidance from a trusted and reliable mentor
  • Personalised competency development plans
  • Skill tracking and qualification development as per our transparent competency matrix
  • Professional advancement training and courses
  • Dynamic skill development thanks to the job rotation programme
  • Supported initiatives and ideas
Key opportunities
Professional & Personal Development

Professional & Personal Development

ELEKS’ QAO is the perfect place for test engineers who are eager to learn, as we encourage you to grow by offering personalised development plans and mentorship programmes. We will help you get ready for professional certifications, and if you successfully pass them, we will refund some or all of your fees.
QAO offers a special leadership programme for test leads and regular ELEKS Testing Camps for people who are new to IT. The course’s intense programme is based on real-life projects and covers test engineering, test automation and penetration testing.

And don’t worry about being stuck on the same project for years; if the project fails to provide you with enough challenges, you can opt for a more suitable one. We incorporate a rotation programme so that you can keep on developing your expertise.

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