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ELEKS’ Software Engineering & Development Office is the department that drives the development of services and solutions.

What We Do

About Software Engineering & Development Office

Key opportunities

Steady growth from a trainee or junior level to a lead developer or a software architect
Trusted mentor and adviser to guide you on your career journey
Lots of opportunities for education and professional development both in-house and externally
Assistance in attending and participating in major tech and software events
Job rotation to reduce monotony and ensure stable development of your skills
Automatic skill tracking and qualification development thanks to a renovated competence matrix
Active support of your initiatives, ideas and experiments
Become a published author through our R&D blog, ELEKS Labs

We try to create a healthy work environment where everyday tasks are followed by interesting challenges.

And don’t worry about being stuck on the same project for years; SEDO is proud to offer job rotation. If you need to get out of your comfort zone or want a professional boost, we can transition you to an alternative project.

We support your ambitions and enthusiasm. So, whether you have a new idea, fancy starting a new tech community or have come up with a new R&D concept, don’t hesitate to share your initiative with us. We’ll gladly help you plan, develop and launch it.

We try to create a healthy work environment where everyday tasks are followed by interesting challenges.
Professional & Personal Development

Professional & Personal Development

SEDO provides an exclusive opportunity to learn for people who take education as seriously as we do. If you are a young and passionate software developer, we will assign a mentor to guide you through your learning plan. Experienced programmers get our assistance in acquiring professional certifications and establishing a thought-leader status by speaking at tech meetups and conferences. We also provide opportunities to attend internal and external training programmes and courses to advance your skills.

We will help you study for certifications by offering learning materials and reimbursing part of your expense. Our professional training and events like Tech Talks and Expert Talks are aimed at sharing knowledge and experience among ELEKS professionals. The ELEKS Software Engineering Camp, that covers Java, C#, C++, SQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, DevOps Camp, Front End Camp and Mobile Camp, offers intense programmes that teach the whole set of technologies using real projects and cases.

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ELEKS has received the foreign recruitment grant for supporting recruitment of foreign information and communication technology (ICT) specialists to help alleviate shortage of top specialists.