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ELEKS’ Data Science Office is the largest group of data professionals in Ukraine

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About Data Science Office

key opportunities

Career growth through challenging real-life projects
Support and mentorship from some of the best professionals in the country
Numerous opportunities for education and professional development
Assistance in attending and participating in major tech, data science and machine-learning events
Supported initiatives, ideas and experiments
Published data science articles on ELEKS Labs and R&D Blog

Professional & Personal Development

Our Data Science Office is all about learning and developing. We offer an extensive list of knowledge items that are categorised according to three levels: qualified, competent and expert. Each knowledge item contains links to useful learning materials from reputable and renowned sources like Stanford University, Coursera or Udacity.

Junior-level data scientists have a great opportunity to study by carrying out real-life projects. For those of you who would like to develop your soft skills, ELEKS offers helpful training programmes, including a special leadership programme for tech leads. Language acquisition and proficiency is an integral part of personal development; ELEKS’ in-house language school can help you with that. You can browse the full list of learning services at ELEKS University

Professional & Personal Development
Partnership with Ukrainian Catholic University

Partnership with Ukrainian Catholic University

ELEKS has been engaged in a successful partnership with the Ukrainian Catholic University for several years. We have launched a Machine Learning course and an Operations Forecasting and Research course that enable students to benefit from the academic expertise of ELEKS’ specialists.

Every year, we offer internships that provide opportunities for hands-on training, mastery of new skills and tools and possible further employment.

Machine Learning course

Machine learning is the study of mathematical and computer algorithms that allow engineers to develop systems that can be self-trained using data. Machine learning powers self-driving vehicles, speech recognition, natural language understanding, machine vision and more. This course provides a deep dive into machine learning techniques and practical know-how regarding their application.

Operations Forecasting and Research course

Forecasting is widely used in fields ranging from finance to medicine. This course provides insights into creating a time series model and using it for forecasting. The course includes different types of time series, ARMA models, ML/DL approaches and more. Operation Research tasks are covered using methods from Game Theory, Optimisation and Stochastic Simulation.

Becoming a Part of DSO

We welcome seasoned professionals as well as junior data scientists who know how to work with Python, enjoy mathematical thinking and have a logical mind. There are three blocks of skills a data scientist needs to have to be a part of our team: business, logic and technology.

The business block

The business block

Defines the skills of communication with customer, identifying requirements and forming a vision

The logic block

The logic block

Includes statistics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The technology block

The technology block

Requires the skills for implementing the model as a complete component.

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