ELEKS is not just another software development company. We foster a unique environment where you are encouraged to interact with peers, implement boldest ideas into game-changing projects and receive feedback and deserved recognition.

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Activities & Events

There are a lot of young, creative individuals here at ELEKS. We highly value a healthy lifestyle and a positive way of thinking. We are constantly mastering more and more new skills. We train our willpower and improve ourselves in our hobbies. ELEKS offers its employees a variety of athletic activities, such as table tennis, football, billiards, Callanetics, yoga, ballroom dances and martial arts. Our modern equipped gym is at your disposal as well.

ELEKS People of the Future Party

Nothing is better than a great party with friends and colleagues at the beginning of a new year. So, we had an amazing Winter Company Day! We summed up the results of last year and made ambitious plans for the future. The party was all about us ≠ People of the Future. Science, games, tricks, dances - we combined them all to celebrate the upcoming new year!

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We are 1000!

We’ve got some really exciting news! In February, the 1000th professional joined the ELEKS team! Thank you all for your ability to tackle the most challenging tasks and making our ambitious goals real. Let’s continue making our world a better place through tech innovations!

Spring into Success

Spring is so inspiring. To spread the mood, we decided to organise three motivational conferences in March, April and May. Our wonderful speakers, successful women of different occupations - a president of a business school, an actress, a social activist and a business coach, shared their tips and tricks of success.

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ELEKS Billiards Tournament

This year, ELEKS hosted two billiards tournaments, pyramid and pool+snooker. Can you imagine? The snooker competition lasted for almost 12 hours! Take a look at the moments of these bright and intensive events. We thank all the participants for their energy and passion. Looking forward to your new sports accomplishments!

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“What? Where? When?” Competition

The record number of teams, fourteen, registered for our traditional intellectual competition “What? Where? When?” Three best teams from each of the two semifinals made it to the final game. Take a look at the pictures of our intelligent and concentrated participants to see who, among all the teams, managed to get to the Top 3.

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ELEKS Kids Day

At ELEKS, we deeply respect family values. This year, all our offices invited employees with their kids to celebrate the Children’s Day. During the celebration, happy kids practiced in Ukrainian folk dances and songs and took part in the Cossack quiz.

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Bike Day in Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv

ELEKS is happy to support the initiatives of its employees, especially if they are eco-friendly. That is why, our company gladly joined the Bicycle Day. Lots of ELEKS employees from all Ukrainian offices contributed to the promotion of urban biking wearing lovely orange t-shirts.

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Vyshyvanka Day

Vyshyvanka, a national Ukrainian embroidered shirt, is so beautiful and authentic that it has a special holiday dedicated to it - international Vyshyvanka Day. This day, many people wear embroidered clothes wherever they go. We also came to work wearing vyshyvankas and the variety of patterns one could see in the office was simply uncountable.

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ELEKS Open Futsal Cup 2017

The ELEKS futsal team has a significant track record of victories in the IT Futsal League. This spring, the company gathered its futsal adherents to compete for the champion's cup and spend some time with friends.

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ELEKS in Blue

ELEKS joined the World Autism Awareness Day aiming to draw attention to people with autism. This year, we hosted a special photo exhibition. Each picture tells us a story about life in the blue light.

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St. Valentine’s Day 2017

It must have been love. We believe that St. Valentine’s Day is a nice occasion to show your colleagues how you appreciate and value them. Keeping up with our long-standing tradition, we always organise a special mail delivery to bring the best and warmest wishes to our colleagues. Here is how it was in 2017!

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ELEKS Fantasy Kingdom Party

Mystical dragons, mysterious fairies, magicians, unicorns – this July we plunged into the Fantasy Kingdom world. It was the hottest day of the summer and not only because of the weather! The atmosphere was fantastic. We had fun in the pool, watched the ELEKS Talent Show, participated in interesting quests, a costume contest, tech entertainment, a foam party and much more.

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Internal Chess Tournament

A graceful game for “beautiful minds”! ELEKS’ tacticians and strategists sat together to find out who’s the best chess player both among amateurs and experienced players. Besides, everyone had an opportunity to play the game of multi-board chess and try their skills against the Grandmaster.

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Volleyball Team

This year, ELEKS is proud to add a new member to its list of sports teams — the volleyball team. In a very short time, our colleagues became a well-knit team participating in the IT volleyball league. So, let us reflect on the bright moments of those games in our minds.

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