Get an in-depth understanding of the software testing theory, master modern testing techniques and methods, and learn proven tips and tricks from experienced QA engineers to deliver bug-free software.

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ELEKS University

Vision - to provide professional expertise and development that enables high-tech innovations and solution-driven approach to customers.
Mission - to help company management and technology experts develop competencies for business growth.

ELEKS University provides ongoing learning and development opportunities for employees that lead to targeted development, an increase in motivation, as well as customer satisfaction. We ensure the development of the company’s learning culture and the promotion of values.

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T&D (Training and Development)

Education Courses and Training include Technical and Management Competencies, Soft Skills and Leadership Course, Educational Games, and Customer Communication Course delivered company-wide or tailored to meet project needs.

Online library offers up to 2,500 books and hundreds of videos for professional and self-development.

Assessment. We offer a full cycle pre-training and post-training assessment, evaluating training needs and defining the most suitable learning path for each employee. We incorporate world-leading assessments and HR analytics tools to help employees develop and make grounded decisions on learning and development.

Education Events /Expert Talks /Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Business education assistance. Our employees gain business degrees in leading universities in Ukraine and abroad.

Trainers’ community. To ensure knowledge and experience sharing within the company, we involve our learning experts and subject matter experts in order to work closely on building a solid knowledge base and the educators’ community.

The Mentorship program is intended to help mentors acquire new skills and mentoring.


Engineering camps


Language proficiency is a must-have skill for effective communication and business development. ELEKS Language School offers General and Business courses, Listening and Speaking courses, Speaking Clubs, and extra activities to make learning both effective and entertaining.

Cooperation with Institutions

We care about IT Education in Ukraine and do our best to advise our education partners on program content and share our practical experience as well as inform students about IT career opportunities. We closely cooperate with Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv Polytechnic University, the Ivan Franko National University, Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, and Lviv Academic Gymnasium.


ELEKS University offers professional facilitation services for Management, Project Teams, and Offices. The list of methodologies includes ToP, Strategic Planning, World Café, Circle Methodology, LEGO Serious Play, Project Retrospective facilitation.

In 2016, ELEKS University has received the HR IT Best Practice Award that demonstrates the high level of educational processes within the organization.

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