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At ELEKS you can reach success while working with innovations in interesting projects with a culturally diverse group of individuals. If you want an exciting and dynamic career with unlimited growth potential at one of our offices, then ELEKS is the place for you.


Chief Engineering Officer

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Main Responsibilities:

  • Manage the overall Delivery division of the Company
  • Define vision, mission and strategy for the Delivery division in accordance with the Company strategy
  • Define and implement the short-term and long-term Delivery plan and KPIs, guarantee Delivery plans and KPIs execution
  • Define, maintain, and constantly improve the Delivery model(s) within business model(s)
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate organizational structure and processes of the Delivery division that supports delivery models
  • Provide overall control of start, execution, and support of the projects within the Delivery division (including internal projects)
  • Hold responsibility for overall Customer satisfaction (CSAT) and delivery efficiency (DPM)
  • Resolve critical issues in Delivery that might appear
  • Establish and maintain communication and relationship with customers
  • Define and control budgets throughout the Delivery division
  • Communicate and represent C-level decisions to the Delivery organization
  • Lead, guide, direct, and evaluate the work of the Delivery division employees
  • Act as a part of C-level core team. Participate in overall Company strategy, planning, and budget process
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other Company divisions in establishing and carrying out the responsibilities and meeting the Company goals

Knowledge, Skills and abilities:

  • Being a T-shape professional with wide business and deep functional knowledge and experience
  • Systematic thinking (being able to develop and execute strategic and tactic plans, helicopter and low level view, see roles and connections and dependencies, ability to design and implement business processes)
  • Delegation and control – being able to build and develop scalable and sustainable organizational structure
  • Ability to work in a team (work as a team member and support peers, show respect to personality and different thoughts)
  • Result-oriented (being oriented on achieving aggressive results)
  • Self-motivated (passionate about results, desire to get aligned with the team)
  • Innovative – in new ideas, business models, approaches
  • Exceptional communication skills. Ability to assess complex situations and make trade-off decisions
  • Advanced English


  • 10 years of project/department/division management experience in IT industry
  • Experience in managing large complex projects (100 participants)
  • Experience working with large enterprise projects and clients
  • Experience working with US and Western European customers
  • Technical background is a must (experience working as system/solution architect, technical lead, technical PM)

Personal Characteristics:

  • Strong initiative position
  • Self-motivated
  • Optimistic
  • Confident
  • Flexible and open to innovations
  • Stress resistant, patient
  • Team player
  • Persistent, goal-oriented

Job Context:

  • Travelling is required


ELEKS is a global vendor of software solutions and software engineering services. The company established in 1991 and currently has over 1000 employees. We have development centers in Ukraine and Poland and representative offices in the USA and UK. We work with a number of clients from the IT, Financial Services, Media, Entertainment, Local Government, Healthcare, Legal and other sectors.

If you meet these requirements, please email your resume to

with "Chief Engineering Officer" in a subject line.

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