Referral Program

Don’t hesitate to provide us with a referral!

Program Rules

How can I submit a referral?
Simply fill in the form and include:
  • The name of the vacancy you want to refer the person for in the email subject field
  • The candidate’s name, surname, patronymic
  • The CV of the candidate (or a link to a Linkedln profile)
  • Salary expectations, if known.
Refer a friend
Requirements for the referral
What kind of bonus will I receive?
You will not receive the bonus if:

Bonus Amount

Position Level Bonus, USD
Software Engineer Middle / Senior
500 / 750
Test Engineer Middle / Senior
500 / 750
Test Lead All Levels
Technical Lead All Levels
Architect All Levels
Project Manager Middle / Senior
500 / 750
Business Analyst Middle / Senior
500 / 750
UX Designer Middle / Senior
500 / 750

*You'll receive a gross bonus.

**Please, discuss with the recruiter if the bonus is applicable for your vacancy.

Referring a friend

Referring a friend