Lviv, UA

Middle Experience Designer

ELEKS Product Design Office is looking for Middle Experience Designer in our Lviv Location


  • Prepare and conduct presentations of Experience design deliverables for different audiences (internal and external stakeholders, clients, project teams)
  • Conduct user research sessions (in-home, in-office, user testing, diary studies), and derive meaningful insights through analysis
  • Structure content, develop taxonomies, craft navigation, and formulate other activities that make information accessible, usable, and understandable
  • Produce structural design of a software interface, support a user’s flow and ability to successfully interact with a system
  • Apply the knowledge of color, composition, typography, visual hierarchy, and brand expression that present the product or service in a way that not only is clear and approachable, but appropriately exhibits personality
  • Quickly prototype proposed designs in order to better judge their user experience using tools like After Effects, Axure, Invision, etc


  • Deep understanding of core design fundamentals (colourtheory, grid systems, typography, composition, motionandinteractivity)
  • Deep understanding of Design Thinking approach and mindsets
  • Strong knowledge of design and prototyping tools
  • Knowledge of software developmentlife cycleand software development methodologies
  • Knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and human interface design activities and the stages of activity that constitute them
  • Understanding of relevant technologies for desktop and mobile and interest in emerging technologies such as AR/VR and IoT
  • Knowledge of principles of cognitive psychology


  • Good presentation and communciation skills
  • Able to setup and drive user testing sessions, uses qualitative and quantitive methods to identify design flaws, organizes results in a clear form, makes conclusions.
  • Able to research user behavior, define goals and needs, make conclusions. Knows qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Knows user modelling techniques
  • Knows and uses platforms guidelines and patterns (web, mobile, desktop)
  • Knows how, when and why to build low or hi-fidelity prototypes
  • Can clearly explain and defend design decisions
  • Understands and uses core principles of typography, iconography, composition, color, form and animation to make visually appealing and functional designs
  • Understands how software is made, can communicate ideas to engineers, can effectively prepare assets and deliver design to development
  • Able to monitor and control quality of implemented designs
  • Understands core principles of information design
  • Intermediate+ English


  • 3+ years of professional experience in Product design
  • Experience working in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Axure (orother interactive prototyping tool), AfterEffects
  • Proven experience in delivering business development presentations on experience design offerings


  • Above average compensation and competitive Social package
  • Frequent activities abroad with clients
  • Possibility to work from the British (London) or German (Berlin) Eleks offices.
  • Challenging tasks
  • Competence development
  • Ability to work remotely or from home
  • Ability to influence project technologies
  • Team of professionals
  • Dynamic environment with low level of bureaucracy


ELEKS is a custom software development company. We deliver value to our clients, thanks to our expertise and experience gained from working as a software innovation partner since 1991.

Our 1,400+ professionals located in the Delivery Centers across Eastern Europe and sales offices in Europe and North America, provide our clients with a full range of software engineering services. These include product development, QA, UX/UI, R&D, technology consulting and dedicated teams

Marta Dzedzinska
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