Software Development Expert

Software Development Expert  (Las Vegas, NV)

Develop solutions and algorithms according to technical specifications or other required documentation. Use standard algorithms in the applicable cases at the expert level. Implement code refactoring and optimization methods. Post-refactoring and optimization result in a collective knowledge base as the best practices. Modify existing program code and test its availability. Analyze software code compliance with readability and performance standards. Perform analysis, verification, and debugging of the software code at the level of application units. Reproduce defects logged in an issue tracking system, identify defect causes, and modify the code to eliminate defects. Develop procedures for testing code availability, collecting diagnostic data, generating test data sets with necessary characteristics, and identifying required software characteristics. Determine software product compliance with customer technical requirements. Collect and analyze the results of software testing. Deliver correct interpretation of diagnostic data. Analyze the significance of obtained software characteristics and document test results. Configure software parameters. Deliver proper documentation of performed actions and detected problems, as well as provide possible solutions to the problems. Ensure software and data integrity. Develop, document, and edit programming interfaces, software modules and components assembling procedures, and software deployment. Update data migration and transformation (conversion) procedures. Assemble software modules and components into a software product and connect the software product to an external environment. Develop technical specifications for software components and coordinate their interactions with a project software architect. Analyze variants of software requirements implementation and evaluate their time consumption and workload. Conduct assessment and justification of the recommended solutions to project requirements implementation. Develop, modify, and approve the software architecture with a project system analyst and a project software architect. Design data structures, databases, and programming interfaces. Assess and approve task completion terms. Communicate with stakeholders. Develop the company’s functional areas by engaging leading technology experts to share their experiences. Distribute niche technologies for projects that need them and advise on and confirm the benefits of their implementation. Provide consulting for other departments.

Work with Java; Spring Boot; TDD; Intelij Idea; Git; Design Patterns; REST; CI/CD pipelines configuration; microservice architecture; algorithmization methods and techniques, and debugging methods and techniques.
Requirements: Master’s degree in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or a related field of study plus three (3) years of experience with Java; Spring Boot; TDD; Intelij Idea; Git; Design Patterns; REST; CI/CD pipelines configuration; microservice architecture; algorithmization methods and techniques; and debugging methods and techniques. Telecommuting is permitted.

Tetyana Slyusarchuk
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