Lviv, UA

Chief Engineering Officer

Main Responsibilities:

  • Manage the overall Delivery division of the Company
  • Define vision, mission and strategy for the Delivery division in accordance with the Company strategy
  • Define and implement the short-term and long-term Delivery plan and KPIs, guarantee Delivery plans and KPIs execution
  • Define, maintain, and constantly improve the Delivery model(s) within business model(s)
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate organizational structure and processes of the Delivery division that supports delivery models
  • Provide overall control of start, execution, and support of the projects within the Delivery division (including internal projects)
  • Hold responsibility for overall Customer satisfaction (CSAT) and delivery efficiency (DPM)
  • Resolve critical issues in Delivery that might appear
  • Establish and maintain communication and relationship with customers
  • Define and control budgets throughout the Delivery division
  • Communicate and represent C-level decisions to the Delivery organization
  • Lead, guide, direct, and evaluate the work of the Delivery division employees
  • Act as a part of C-level core team. Participate in overall Company strategy, planning, and budget process
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other Company divisions in establishing and carrying out the responsibilities and meeting the Company goals

Knowledge, Skills and abilities:

  • Being a T-shape professional with wide business and deep functional knowledge and experience
  • Systematic thinking (being able to develop and execute strategic and tactic plans, helicopter and low level view, see roles and connections and dependencies, ability to design and implement business processes)
  • Delegation and control – being able to build and develop scalable and sustainable organizational structure
  • Ability to work in a team (work as a team member and support peers, show respect to personality and different thoughts)
  • Result-oriented (being oriented on achieving aggressive results)
  • Self-motivated (passionate about results, desire to get aligned with the team)
  • Innovative – in new ideas, business models, approaches
  • Exceptional communication skills. Ability to assess complex situations and make trade-off decisions
  • Advanced English


  • 10 years of project/department/division management experience in IT industry
  • Experience in managing large complex projects (100 participants)
  • Experience working with large enterprise projects and clients
  • Experience working with US and Western European customers
  • Technical background is a must (experience working as system/solution architect, technical lead, technical PM)

Personal Characteristics:

  • Strong initiative position
  • Self-motivated
  • Optimistic
  • Confident
  • Flexible and open to innovations
  • Stress resistant, patient
  • Team player
  • Persistent, goal-oriented

Job Context:

  • Travelling is required
Iryna Machkur
Recruiter Contacts
skype iryna.machkur
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