ELEKS Software Engineering and Development Office is looking for a Middle/Senior Software Developer (.NET) in Croatia, Poland and remotely.


The Client is based in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1982, the client is the first exchange house to be licensed by the Central Bank in the UAE. Throughout the years, they have helped millions of customers by providing access to various financial services. They understand the trust the customers put in them when using their services. They take this responsibility seriously & are committed to the safety & security of money in the most compliant manner.
We are looking for a Senior .NET Engineer who will be responsible for the design, development, building, and maintenance of software/programs, for the Company.


  • 4+ years of experience working in .Net development, and enterprise environments, including domain-driven design, data structure, collections, multithreading, and algorithms
  • Experience with C# and .NET Core
  • Experience with Azure, DDD/Event-Driven Architecture
  • Good understanding of microservices, Web API, and NoSQL databases
  • Ability to be proactive in dealing with internal and external stakeholders to absorb and translate requirements into actionable work items
  • Experience in giving and receiving code reviews and writing unit tests
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent demonstrable experience
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English (written and spoken)


  • Attention to client
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Working in a team
  • Attention to details
  • Analytical mindset
  • Dedication and attitude toward success


  • Relevant professional certifications in .Net, Cloud, DevOps, IDE tools, Agile, Scrum, Docker, and Azure are a plus
  • Experience with Kubernetes


  • Develop solutions and algorithms according to technical specifications or other requirements documentation; use standard algorithms in the applicable cases
  • Write program code according to the defined application architecture
  • Possess knowledge of software development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, etc.)
  • Structure and format the source code, comment and mark up the code, and name variables, functions, classes, data structures, and files according to the company conventions and industry best practices
  • Implement code refactoring and optimization methods. Post-refactoring and optimization result in the collective knowledge base as the best practices
  • Modify existing software code and test its availability. Analyze software code compliance with readability and performance standards
  • Use version control systems to track code optimization progress, as well as to merge or split code entities. Commit changes according to version control rules
  • Perform analysis, verification, and debugging of the software code at the level of application units
  • Develop procedures to test code availability, collect diagnostic data, generate test data sets with desired characteristics, examine the required software characteristics, etc.
  • Reproduce defects logged in the database, establish their causes, and modify code to eliminate defects
  • Determine software product compliance with the technical requirements
  • Collect and analyze results of software tests. Deliver correct interpretation of diagnostic data; analyze the significance of the obtained software characteristics; can document test results. Assess software product availability
  • Develop, document, and edit programming interfaces, software modules, and components assembling procedures, software deployment, and update procedures as well as data migration and transformation (conversion) procedures
  • Assemble software modules and components into software products; connect software products to the external environment. Test availability of software product versions
  • Analyze variants of software requirements implementation; evaluate their time consumption and workload. Conduct assessment and justification of the solutions recommended for software requirements implementation
  • Approve technical requirements for software with stakeholders. Evaluate and justify terms of task completion. Assign tasks to developers, and monitor task implementation. Provide training on the project

Переваги співпраці з ELEKS

  • Вища за середню винагорода та конкурентний соціальний пакет
  • Тісна співпраця з клієнтом
  • Відрядження
  • Цікаві завдання
  • Розвиток компетенцій
  • Здатність впливати на технології проекту
  • Проекти з нуля
  • Команда професіоналів
  • Динамічне середовище практично без бюрократії
  • Медична страховка


Компанія ELEKS розробляє програмне забезпечення на замовлення з 1991 року. Ми ділимося своєю експертизою, знаннями та досвідом, допомагаючи клієнтам створювати інноваційні програмні продукти для розвитку їхнього бізнесу. Команда ELEKS – надійний технологічний партнер для багатьох світових брендів.

Понад 2000+ фахівців ELEKS, які працюють у наших офісах по всьому світу, надають клієнтам повний спектр послуг із розроблення програмного забезпечення. Наші ключові сервіси: розроблення продуктів, QA, R&D, дизайн, технологічний консалтинг і профільні команди.

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